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TYD-903C42 metal side-mounted camera 720P
  • TYD-903C42 metal side-mounted camera 720P
TYD-903C42 metal side-mounted camera 720P
①Advanced bright color separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, higher image clarity, better image restoration
②Using common 75-3 line for coaxial transmission up to 500 meters
③The front-end data is not encoded and compressed to the back-end, full real-time, high-fidelity
④ Compatible with ordinary D1/960H, compatible with analog peripheral equipment (including distributor, matrix, etc.)
⑤Support OSD menu design
⑥Common analog price, high-definition quality HD products
⑦Integrated AHD front-end DSP chip
⑧Third-party open standards, compatible with other manufacturers’ AHD products
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Product Details

Appearance requirements

The appearance of the camera is bright in color, the paint is intact and there is no scratch marks; the glass surface has no traces of handprints, clean and no dirt; the structure of the camera is fixed, and there is no shaking or falling off.

structure size

The structure size is shown in the figure below, the unit is millimeters, and the error is ±0.5mm.


technical parameter
model TYD-903C42
Pixel PAL:1280(H)×720(V)   NTSC:1280(H)×720(V)
Standard PAL/NTSC
shutter 1/53~1/100000s;
Automatic gain AGC/ AGC + Slow shutter
Signal-to-noise ratio >52dB(AGC OFF)
Video output standard 1.0Vp-p,75Ω
Resolution 720P
Minimum illumination Color 0.5Lux(50IRE,AGC ON)   /W:0.01Lux(50IRE,AGC ON)
Color black and white conversion Color /Auto
Color black and white conversion time control 0~255
Lens 2.8MM
Privacy zone 1~15zones
Motion detection 4 Zones
Video interface Aviation head
White balance ATW /PUSH/User1/ User 2/ Manual/ANTI   CR/PUSH  LOCK
Title Can be set
Title Position Any position on   the screen
DNR High/Medium to   high/Medium/Low to medium/Low/Off
Pic contrast 0-63
Pic sharpness 0-15
Audio none
power supply DC12V±10%   (AC24V optional)
Operating temperature -20℃~50℃
Working humidity <90%
storage temperature -400C~+600C

Testing equipment and methods

Use visual inspection to detect the appearance of the camera, which is in line with the above figure; use a caliper to measure the appearance of the camera to meet the requirements.

With loop DC stabilized power supply, the color monitor detects the working current of the camera and the peak video output without image distortion, distortion, and color deviation.

Use a digital oscilloscope and digital multimeter to measure the voltage peak value of the video signal when the camera is empty. It should meet the requirements.

Use a camera angle measuring device to detect, when the camera uses a 2.8mm lens, the diagonal viewing angle of the monitor should not be less than 120°.

Test with high and low temperature damp heat test box: when the temperature is 70℃, the camera will continue to work for 2 hours without any problems; when the temperature is -20℃, the camera will continue to work for 2 hours without any problems.

Anti-vibration requirements: After 10 minutes of continuous simulation vibration test on the camera, the structure is tight and not loose, and there is no sound when the internal components are shaken, and the power-on test is normal.

Waterproof standard: Strictly comply with IP67 waterproof requirements. After processing the camera product, immerse the camera in a 1 meter bucket for 3 hours continuously. There is no water seepage or fog in the camera, and the normal use will continue after the power is turned on.

Standard configuration

Serial number name quantity unit Remark
1 Waterproof side mounted camera 1 Only Standard
2 Waterproof bracket 1 set Standard
3 Waterproof bracket screw 2 Pieces Standard
4 Mounting screws 3 Pieces Standard

Connector description


1 VCC-12V power supply

2 GND-ground

3 Audio signal

4 Video signal

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