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About Us

Shenzhen Tianyude Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with many years of experience in research and development of automotive electronic products and related software and hardware technologies. With years of unremitting efforts in the video surveillance industry, the company has not only developed multiple sets of products with independent intellectual property rights, but also mastered and accumulated a large number of technologies and R&D experience prior to the industry level. Our products include in-vehicle surveillance cameras, in-vehicle display screens, GPS terminal series and other in-vehicle electronic peripherals. All products adopt the current advanced technology in the industry, with excellent product performance, stability and reliability. Relying on deep research and development skills and production strength, Tian Yude not only provides high-quality products, high-quality services, but also provides various practical product application solutions and installation technical support for customers inside and outside the industry! In order to increase the maximum value of product applications.

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智能视频监控一体机介绍 智能视频监控一体机是专用于公共交通范畴的,为车载视频监控和智能调度开发的一款高性价比,功用可扩展性好的高清录像设备。智能视频监控一体机采用高速处置器和嵌入式操作系统,分离……
OLED的定位是面向高端的,是继CRT和LCD技术后的第三代显现技术。由于具有轻薄、高比照度、柔性可弯曲等性能优势,在智能手机、智能穿戴设备、平板等终端设备上有着普遍的运用。   依据数据,中国LED车载显示器行业市场范围从2014年的271.1亿元增长至2018年的537.2亿元,年复合增长率为18.6%。中国LED车载显示器行业市场范围2023年有望增长至1104.1亿元,201……
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Shenzhen Tianyude Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 301, Building F, Zhugu, Creative Park, Yintian 331, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Contact: Mr. Deng 13683804772

Technical support: Mr. Lei 15019453604

Phone: 0755-29470519

Fax: 0755-29185700
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