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The manufacturer of on-board video recorder will explain the system composition of on-board video recorder for you
release time:2021-07-30

Vehicle video recorder generally refers to vehicle monitoring system, which is composed of vehicle terminal, transmission network and monitoring center to form a three-layer networked comprehensive monitoring system, providing vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring, real-time wireless transmission of video images inside and outside the vehicle, and quick response to accidents , Call command and other functions to solve the problem of dynamic management of existing vehicles. The following editor of car video recorder manufacturers will take you to analyze the detailed content of these components.

1. Vehicle terminal

The vehicle terminal is the front-end equipment of the vehicle monitoring and management system, which is generally installed in various vehicles in secret. The vehicle terminal equipment is mainly composed of various external devices such as vehicle video server, LCD touch screen, external camera, call handle, and automobile anti-theft device.

2. Monitoring Center

The monitoring center is the core of the dispatching command system. It is a remote visual command and monitoring management platform. It monitors all on-site vehicles and realizes two-way audio and video interactive command. The electronic map of the monitoring center can display the intuitive location of the vehicle, and through wireless The network monitors and sets up the vehicle, for example, by configuring the PTZ, the vehicle front-end camera can be remotely controlled. At the same time, the monitoring center can realize real-time, centralized, intuitive monitoring and dispatch command of the operating vehicles in the controllable range, and can link with the 110 and 119 police receiving centers to dispatch police forces to the scene in time to ensure emergency handling. efficiency.

3. Transmission network

Different from the fixed monitoring using wired network, the car steward terminal relies on satellites and base stations to monitor the vehicle.

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