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The four major components of the car camera are very important
release time:2021-07-30

What is a complete car camera? I believe many people are thinking about how to make this car camera, how to make a small thing with such a magical function?

The standard car camera consists of four parts: PCBA, lens, tail cable and shell. I believe PCBA is a strange thing to you. What is this? Then I will tell you, it's like a person can't survive without a heart. PCBA is a complete circuit diagram composed of a blank board, that is to say, a large amount of electronic and electrical materials are pasted on the PCB.

The lens is an important part of the car camera. Lens and camera effects also have a lot to do. There are many kinds of lenses, including waterproof lenses and waterproof lenses, with or without blue light toughening and non-toughening. The lenses also include glass and plastic. This kind of lens will also directly affect the sharpness of the camera. A good lens will make the camera work well

Everyone knows that everything has an appearance, and our car cameras also have different appearances. There are different molds for each different appearance, which can be matched according to the needs of customers. So it seems that the camera is very simple. In fact, it contains a lot of things, but it is very complicated, but it does not feel like this.

This is a simple camera component, which is the four main components. Of course, they are all necessary to form a camera.

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