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What are the functions of the car camera
release time:2017-06-04

1. Provide reliable evidence for the analysis and judgment of traffic accidents.

2. It is convenient for drivers and passengers to check the situation in the car.

3. Provide a basis for handling problems such as passenger disputes, lost property finding, robbery and theft prevention in the car.

4. Provide monitoring of the environment inside and outside the vehicle compartment to provide safety guarantee for vehicle driving.

How to install the car camera

1. First of all, the car should first remove the power supply connection at the on-board battery, and place the removed connection away from the electrode to prevent accidental connection of the power supply.

2. Then the car mainly finds the installation position of the car camera. Generally, the vehicle-mounted camera is installed at the position of the license plate lamp on the license plate frame and installed by drilling holes.3. If the car owner chooses to install the car camera in the position of the license plate lamp, just use the small screw provided in the camera accessory to fix the camera on the position of the license plate lamp. Through the adjustment of the iron sheet or gasket in the accessories, the camera can achieve the best reversing angle of view. This type of installation type of reversing camera is currently a more popular one, with a more concealed appearance and easier installation.

4. If the car owner chooses to drill for installation and embed it in the bumper, the advantage of this method is that there is no need to drill holes in the metal parts behind the car. Because the bumper is a plastic part, it is relatively easy to route the camera. And balance with the surface of the rear of the car to prevent theft.

 5. In the final line installation, first connect the camera to the power cord of the rear reversing light; then connect the video cable of the camera to the video extension cable; finally restore the battery power supply, start the car, and put the reverse gear on the car monitor. I saw the reversing image on it.


 1. Although the car owner has installed an on-board camera, he cannot completely rely on the reversing rear-view system for reversing, but can only regard it as an auxiliary tool for reversing.

 2. When installing, the car owner must make sure that the car monitor must be connected correctly. If the monitor does not provide an AV input interface, the corresponding video cable must be found or a video switching device must be installed so that the rear view image can be displayed normally.

 3. Don't easily connect the power supply of the on-board electrical appliances directly to the power source of the on-board battery to avoid unstable power. Reminder: The above is the installation method of on-board camera. Car owners must pay attention to the installation steps when installing by themselves to ensure their legitimate interests.

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