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Installation method of car camera and driving recorder camera
release time:2017-06-04

At present, more and more cameras are equipped with in-vehicle electronic products. Many car owners do not know where the camera is installed. At present, several main supporting products are mainly car navigation cameras and driving cameras.

1. The vehicle's navigation camera is mainly used for reversing images and panoramic views, so the camera must be installed outside the vehicle. The main installation location for the rear view of the vehicle is the rear buckle. The panorama is mainly installed under the left and right rearview mirrors. Front view style and back end.

2. The driving recorder is mainly used for driving record. There are two installation methods:

  The installation method outside the vehicle is the same as the above installation method. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to install, laborious, and easy to damage the car.

  Installed in the car. Generally installed on the rear windshield of a car. Simple installation is basically 3M glue.

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