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School bus case
Release time:2021-07-30

School bus case

1. School bus industry background

As the so-called "safety first", the safety of students inside and outside the school and on their way to school has always been the top priority of school leadership. At the same time, every student's parents also eagerly hope to know the safety of their children in school in a timely manner, especially the safety of school buses that transport students to and from school, which has always been an issue of great concern to society, schools and parents.

2. Demand analysis

However, the various problems existing in the current school bus affect everyone's heart. include:

(1) The driver's sense of responsibility is not strong, and there are illegal operations such as overloading, speeding, random violations, driving and calling mobile phones, etc., which greatly increases the probability of causing traffic safety accidents;

(2) During the rush hour of school, the school bus may not be able to deliver students to the school on time due to traffic jams, and the management center cannot take effective measures in time to conduct correct traffic flow;

(3) Injury and death accidents, thefts, disputes or fights between students or between students and drivers caused by students riding on the school bus, and liability disputes caused by such incidents cannot be presented afterwards;

(4) The school lacks a basis for the assessment of drivers, and the operating costs of school buses need to be effectively controlled. However, the quality of the drivers invited is different, and incidents of fuel theft often occur;

(5) Parents are very concerned about the safety of their children on the way to school, and hope that they can receive timely SMS notifications after getting on and off the bus to report safety!

(6) When parents pick up their children, do not know when the school bus will arrive? It is easy to cause hard waiting or delayed pick-up and drop-off;

(7) In the event of a school bus hijacking, illegal interception, collision and other safety accidents, the alarm information and on-site conditions cannot be obtained in the first time, resulting in delayed rescue and increased losses;

(8) School bus priority, photoelectric alarm output and other devices need to be further improved.

3. The composition of the school bus on-board monitoring system

The system completes the encoding and storage of audio, video, GPS, and alarm data through the MDVR host. And through the 3G/4G mobile network to complete the upload of audio and video, alarm information, GPS data; at the same time to achieve remote equipment upgrades, parameter modification, digital intercom, remote capture and other remote management operations.

Managers of the server monitoring center only need to authorize the corresponding vehicles through the server background software, and generate the corresponding account numbers and passwords to perform unified management. At the same time, other accounts can also be created through the web client for other personnel to view and manage in real time on smart phones and computers.


Camera installation location:

Front view camera of car head: the function of driving recorder;

Driving position camera (with audio): standardize operational operations;

Door camera: monitor the door;

2-way car camera (with audio): no blind spot monitoring, to prevent disputes in the car, theft and other disputes.


4. Detailed description of the scheme

1) Remote real-time monitoring and positioning

Through the 3G/4G wireless network, it can realize remote real-time monitoring, search and playback of driving trajectory, which effectively regulates the civilized driving of the driver;

Using GPS satellite positioning system, combined with real-time traffic conditions, the monitoring center can conduct emergency command and dispatch of vehicles and share traffic information.

2) Audio and video recording and playback

Support 4 channels of 720P high-definition picture quality video and audio synchronization recording and playback to ensure that there are no dead ends in security monitoring;

It can realize WiFi automatic downloading of local video, and supports remote video search, download and analysis playback.

3) Emergency alarm

Alarm linkage prompts such as abnormal fuel level, overspeed alarm, SMS by swiping card, and email/message can be set;

When encountering a special emergency, you can press the photoelectric alarm output to evacuate the traffic and give priority to traffic;

When a security incident such as a robbery occurs, the management center can be quickly reported to the management center through the alarm button, and the management center can quickly obtain the live video of the alarmed vehicle, record video or capture evidence.

4) Peripheral equipment docking

Docking the ultrasonic oil volume sensor to realize the alarm of abnormal oil volume to prevent the occurrence of oil theft;

Docking speed pulser to prevent drivers from speeding and reduce traffic accidents;

Docking IC card reader and cooperating with SMS modem to realize the function of sending SMS to parents' mobile phone under IC card swiping;

Docking digital walkie-talkies to realize voice intercom and dispatch between the management center and the driver.

5) Management center system

Real-time monitoring of vehicle distribution and real-time traffic evacuation in special situations such as traffic jams;

Alarm information processing, remote equipment upgrade, remote parameter setting, remote equipment control, etc.;

The collection of driver assessment data such as abnormal fuel level, overloading and speeding, driving and making phone calls, provides data support for the school's assessment of school bus drivers.

6) View on mobile phone

Add a sub-account in the IVMS Web client, and grant viewing, management, and other related permissions to the corresponding personnel or parents. You can log in to the client through your mobile phone or computer to view the real-time operation of the school bus.

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