Car 8-inch screen (MP5)
Car 8-inch screen (MP5)
  • Car 8-inch screen (MP5)
  • Car 8-inch screen (MP5)
Car 8-inch screen (MP5)

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Product Details

This product is a voice smart car display developed by our company for light trucks.

The product uses the Android system, with Bluetooth, radio, audio and video playback, GPS navigation, WIFI connection, mobile phone interconnection, support for voice, automatic photosensitive, reversing image and other functions.

Car 8-inch screen MP5(Technical Parameter)

Meet the 7637 test standard Suitable for light trucks
Working voltage: DC18-32V, rated voltage: DC24V
Working temperature: -30°C- +75°C
Quiescent current: ≦3mA
Boot time:<25S
Support 4 groups of speakers: power 4*25W
Support reversing image: switching screen time≦3S
USB interface
Support 8-inch LCD display, 1024*600 pixel resolution
Support GPS positioning and navigation
Support Wifi
Support Bluetooth, external speakers, mobile phone interconnection, radio
Support audio and video playback
Support multi-function steering wheel
Support customizable dynamic startup screen
Support automatic light-sensing function
Support 1 channel CVBS video input, the resolution is ≧720P
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