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The intelligent vehicle load screen uses the standard RS485 bus to communicate with the host. The protocol type uses the master-slave protocol. The GPS terminal is the host, and the load screen is the slave. After receiving the instruction, the 485 interface load screen uses the male connector of the M12 aviation head. Connect to GPS equipment and load equipment.


Load screen(Technical   Parameter)
product name Car intelligent load screen
Interface Protocol 485 serial communication
Display screen 4.3 inches, 480*272 resolution
upgrade U disk upgrade, compatible with TF card upgrade
support Load status, GPS positioning status
support Speed display
support GPS data analysis, load data analysis
support UI classic interface/concise interface switch (combined key switch)
alarm type Overload alarm
button Human-computer interaction, setting operation
Power supply DC8-30V external power supply, compatible with USB port power supply
Power consumption 1.5W
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