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7 inch display
  • 7 inch display
7 inch display
Complete models, with various sizes, exquisite shell craftsmanship
Adopt A+ level high-definition display, outstanding display effect
Display 16:9/4:3 free switching, up and down, left and right reverse
Button and remote control operation, flexible and convenient
Optional reversing camera, reversing automatically switch video
360 degree rotating base, optional sunshade
Wide voltage design, low power consumption, stable and reliable
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Product Details

Screen size: 7-inch (16:9) digital screen

Contrast ratio: 400:1

Brightness: 350cd/㎡

Viewing angle: 70/70/50/70(L/R/U/D)

Resolution: 800(RGB)*480(pixel)


Power supply: DC8V-24V

Power: about 5W

Visual range: 155*87.5mm

Working temperature: -20℃+70℃

Storage temperature: -30℃+80℃

Video: Two video inputs, AV1/AV2

Reversing function: 1 road reversing

Operation mode: button, remote control

Appearance size: (L)174*114(W)*(T)23mm/(L)194*134(W)*(T)25.5mm

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