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TYD-973C42 wide angle small conch 120°720P
  • TYD-973C42 wide angle small conch 120°720P
TYD-973C42 wide angle small conch 120°720P
Million high-definition image sensor, high-definition 720P image quality, image resolution is 1296H x 732V
Equipped with a 1.3 million image processing chip of Fulhan Micro, supports AHD/CVBS/TVI/CVI mode free switching
With OSD menu function, the video output mode and N/P format and other parameters can be changed in the menu, supporting 10 languages
Compatible with single core menu line to control OSD menu
UTC coaxial function can be added, IO port can be selected to switch video output mode, mirroring function can be used
The external reset IC can ensure 100% normal output image every time it restarts, especially in vehicle-mounted products
With IRCUT switch function, the color reproduction during the day is more real, and the night vision is better.
The product adopts 6000V lightning protection design, the quality is more reliable
The crystal oscillator adopts a 3225 SMD package, and there will be no frequency deviation in long-term high temperature use, and the stability is excellent
The input terminal adopts 30V high withstand voltage power supply IC, which can adapt to various complicated power supply
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Product Details
technical parameter
Serial number Technical name technical parameter
1 Shell shape plastic shell
2 signal system  PAL
3 Effective Pixels PAL:1280(H)×720(V)   NTSC:1280(H)×720(V)
4 Resolution  720P
5 Minimum illumination 0.01Lux
6 Video output 1V(p-p)Composite/75Ω
7 Day and night mode External control (default) / auto / color / black and white (OSD switching)
8 voltage DC12V/55mA±6mA (wide voltage 9V-18V)
9 Signal to noise ratio ≥ 72dB
10 BLC automatic
11 IR control input voltage DC 0V to 3V/8V
12 Video recording takes up space 1min≈24MB
13 Automatic electronic shutter AUTO/1/50(1/60)-1/50,000/sec
14 Camera port Aviation plug (DIN) socket
15 Mirror head Board   lens f 2.1mm
16 Current The current of the infrared light on/off is: 150mA/50mA±10%
17 Audio have
18 Gain control automatic
19 Seismic strength 6.8G
20 Operating temperature -20℃~+70℃
21 weight 0.33KG

Standard configuration
Serial number name quantity unit Remark
1 Aluminum Conch Camera 1 Only Standard AHD

physical dimension

Dimension tolerance plus or minus 1.5mm


Note: The above related specifications and parameters are subject to change without notice

The definition of the front wiring of the aircraft head


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